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Pitva – ST

What the hell is happening in Prague and Vienna these days? What combination of events transpired to create such a crackling musical euphoroia? It’s near impossible to put a finger on exactly what PITVA sounds like but it lands somewhere between militaristic Eastern Bloc post punk with brittle early black metal production and Einstürzende Neubauten’s approach to “music” with all the appropriate banging and noisewash. Add in a couple Peter Murphy style howls and you’re starting to get there. Maybe… All that is happening and this beast still drives like a hardcore punk record. Makes sense since this is people from Heavy Metal, Rosa Nebel, Privat, Sick Horse, Parasite Dreams, Smuteční Slavnost, Bobby Would etc.
Do not sleep on this!
( Jensen Ward / Iron Lung Records )


2 vorrätig

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2 vorrätig

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