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Lassie – Behold

“Slithering out from the radioactive waste, we are once again blessed by the glorious creeps from Leipzig known as Lassie. This aberrant hit machine strikes again and again with more of their clever, punchy wacked flavor of synth-punk. Loaded with wacky samples, synth and guitar harmonies, riffs and, of course, a fucking shitload of ear worm melody packed and densely arranged for your listening pleasure. Don’t miss the boat. Pick up this outstanding ripper. For fans of a werewolf who can only be killed by piss.” – Sims Hardin

Disclaimer: Lassie loves werewolves and does not officially support this, no werewolves where harmed during the production of this record.

“Ever wonder what it would sound like if you mashed together the music of the Marked Men, Spits, and Rezillos and played it with the ferocity of the Lost Sounds? Behold! Leipzig’s Lassie delivers their debut LP off the back of a hotass streak of EPs and 7”s, and it’s every bit of fun that those earlier records promised. Poppy robot rock for disaffected punks looking to have the wildest of weekends!” – Alex Howell

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