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Dumspell – ST

This is Dumspell, a post-punk band coming from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I was pretty quickly swooned by the somber, fuzzy and reverb-heavy tunes, and oddly lethargic-yet-melodic songs.

Tracks like „Cowboy“ or „Spin“ drone on with tantalizing monotony, drilling it’s fantastic riffs, uninterested vocals, and refreshing bass n‘ drums into your earholes.

I don’t know what this Hattiesburg post-punk group has been up to since the release of their debut tape way back in 2015, but if the eleven songs they dropped on this 12″ this year are any sort of clue, I’d say it’s probably great, GREAT things.

An LP full of songs that will make you feel instantly comfortable – you might have seen this movie, you’ve just never seen it acted quite this well, and the production this time around is sheer perfection. You are welcome to dismiss this as some more of that melodic punk that you are too cool to admit that you like, but you would be a fool.

I can only hope that they’ve got more stuff coming down the pipeline, because they’ve only heightened my opinion of their work by releasing new songs that are just as memorable as their steller demo — and that’s saying a LOT.

Cool punk for sad people, check it.


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2 vorrätig

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